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Papers and speeches
Distributive effects of QE - Bank of England
What can the money data tell us about the impact of QE? - Bank of England
(Interesting on QE leakage. Submitted by Shire Blogger)
Japanese QE - IMF
Lessons at the zero bound: the US and Japan experience - Bernanke (NY Fed)
Unconventional monetary policies: an appraisal - Borio & Disyatat (BIS)
An endogenous money perspective on the post-crisis monetary policy debate - Scott Fullwiler

Japanese QE and why JGB yields are rising - Nick Rowe
Money printing and inflation - Mish at EconMatters
Mark Carney and QE - David Smith at Economics UK
Is QE quantitatively irrelevant? - Steve Keen (wonkish)
....and reply from Ramanan: "Dear Steve"
....and from JKH: "The accounting quest of Steve Keen" - wonkish, and with great comments too
Misunderstanding QE - Frances Coppola
Inflation, deflation and QE - Frances Coppola
...and Pawel Morski's reply: "QE - because no-one's got any better ideas"
There's a problem with the transmission - Frances Coppola (wonkish)
How to break a central bank - Dizzynomics
The OBR and dysfunctional banks - Frances Coppola
QE has worked before - David Beckworth
The MPC - time for a rethink - Derrick Wilkinson (2011)
The 7 reasons why people hate QE - Eric Parnell at Seeking Alpha
The influence of special interests and rentiers on monetary policy - Macroresilience
Time, gentlemen, please - Bond Vigilantes
Fatas and Hunt on reserves and Quantitative Easing - Rugged Egalitarianism

News items and magazine articles
Parsing the Fed - The Economist
Paul Fisher on weak UK growth
EM assets lose favour on fears of slowing Fed QE - FT
Did QE only boost the price of Warhols? - FT

Financial industry analysis
Is QE contractionary? - Toby Nangle at Threadneedle
Portfolio effects of QE - Toby Nangle at Threadneedle
Wounded Heart - Bill Gross at PIMCO
Time for tapering - CFA Institute

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