The QE Debate

Quantitative Easing (QE) has been the subject of considerable research and debate. An unconventional monetary policy tool, it has been extensively used in several countries over the last few years to ease economic conditions. However, its theoretical foundation is not firmly established and its economic effects remain uncertain. And it is by no means clear how it can safely be ended. Research and opinion on QE and its effects is currently scattered across the internet.

Coppola Comment is very pleased to host an online space for bringing together information and opinion on QE, and curate discussion of its effects from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Participation in the debate is open to anyone and is free. As part of the aim of this site is to promote a better understanding of unconventional monetary policy tools and their effects, we particularly welcome input from economists, financial industry practitioners, policy makers and their advisers.

Posts will be made on a variety of aspects of QE from time to time. If you wish to contribute a post, please send an email with your name, job title, organisation (if any) and a brief outline of the post. Frequent contributors can be provided with an access protocol so they can submit posts themselves.

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We look forward to a lively and informative debate!